Newlyweds Do

Now that we have said our “I Do’s”, it is time to finally relax! And boy oh boy are we ready to relax. Planning a wedding SUCKS and we are so glad it is finally over.

We got married March 10th, 2018 and it was by far one of the most fun nights of our life. Who doesn’t love being in a room with all of our friends, family, and free (to our guests- not to us) drinks!

But now starts the journey of us as newlyweds! This is just a place for us to share our life, for others to learn from our journey and mistakes, and take and give advice!

We told ourselves that 2018 was the year of weekend vacations, so many of these posts are going to be about trips we take and things we do together as newlyweds- but there might be some other topics that come up that we want to share!

So sit back and lets get this started!


What Kyle thinks:

“What? You’re starting a website?”

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