Newlyweds Do Maui- Lahaina

I am breaking up our trip to Maui in 3 parts; Lahaina, Hana, and Wailea. First up– Lahaina!

We fly from Phoenix to Oahu- Honolulu, Hawaii (HNL) then to Maui- Kahului, Hawaii (OGG). We flew on Hawaiian Airlines and they couldn’t have been nicer. Get yourself a good pair of headphones and download some podcasts, movies, and great shows because the flight isn’t short.

On the road to Lahaina

We rented a car, or should I actually say, A JEEP! A jeep was the same price as a car so of course we sprung at the chance to get a jeep (which now I secretly want to buy a jeep as our extra car.. but I can get in to that later).

We drive to Lahaina, which sucked because there was a lot of traffic at that time (it is a one way road) but the road is such a nice drive with a lot to look at. I am obsessed with these trees along the road… but I have a secret obsession with trees…


HOTEL– SHERATON MAUI RESORT & SPA- We stayed at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa and absolutely loved it. We originally booked a ocean view room but once we got there and mentioned we were there for our honeymoon, they upgraded us to a newly renovated part of the hotel that was more secluded, a great view of the ocean, and a room on the top floor. There is great access to the beach, snorkels to rent, and a great pool with poolside bars. There was a mix of people there, from families to honeymooners to married vacationers to elderly and everyone in between.

View from our room at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa

This hotel is the closest one to black rock, the last hotel on the walk between all the hotels on in the loop, walking distance to a lot of restaurants (which I will get in to in a minute), and and a short drive away from downtown Lahaina where the Banyan tree is.

So… if you are in and around Lahaina, these are MUST do ACTIVITIES

View from the last line of the course

ZIPLININGKapalua Ziplines– This was a short drive away from our hotel and zip lining was probably my second favorite thing to do in Maui. I have never ziplined before, for the fact that I am terrified of roller coasters and hate the feeling of my stomach in my throat, but to my surprise, this was nothing like a roller coaster. We did the 6 line tour, which all the lines are dual ziplines, and there were about 10 people in our group. We toke a van up the mountain (sit in front, some people got a little car sick in the back, since the road is bumpy), and then after the first beginner zipline to get your nerves out, we took an ATV up to the top of the zipline course. It was amazing, with the most incredible views, and there was so much greenery around you, with views of the ocean, and even a suspension bridge over a waterfall. I HIGHLY recommend!

Black Rock at the Sheraton

SNORKELING AT BLACK ROCK– We rented a snorkel and flippers at our hotel (a little stand by the pool at the Sheraton) and went out around black rock and snorkeled. I loved this because there weren’t a lot of people snorkeling and you go as far or close as you want.

JUMP OFF BLACK ROCK– I obviously wasn’t the one to do this, but Kyle did. You climb up the rocks at the end of the peninsula and jump off! Watch other people do it before you do and just follow their lead!

Banyan tree


LAHAINA BANYAN TREE PARK & DOWNTOWN LAHAINA (FRONT STREET)– Since I am obsessed with trees, I loved seeing the Banyan Tree in Lahaina (the picture really doesn’t do it justice). It is the largest Banyan tree in Hawaii and one of the largest in the United States. There was a craft fair on one of the days when I was there and it was a great place to buy some local jewelry and art. Then just walking around downtown Lahaina was super cute. A lot of shops, restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, great atmosphere, quaint, and a great area to watch the sunset.



Front Street- downtown Lahaina

WHALERS VILLAGE– an outdoor mall with great shopping (but these shops are everywhere) and restaurants. Short walk along the beach boardwalk from the Sheraton. Whalers Village

These are the MUST go to RESTAURANTS– (I used Open Table for almost all of our reservations at places- it is a great place to mention you are there for a special occasion)–

MONKEYPOD KITCHEN– At Whaler’s Village, which is a short walk from the Sheraton. This location (there is another location in Wailea) has great view of the ocean, hip interior, and great quality food and drinks. You have to drink the Mai Tai and eat the dumplings, pumpkin ravioli, and pork tacos. Monkeypod Kitchen

LAHAINA GRILL– In Lahaina down the street from the Banyan tree. This quaint restaurant doesn’t have a view, but they have amazing sea food and an extensive wine list. Lahaina Grill

We ate at some other restaurants, but weren’t worth the mention. The two above, we RAVED about the whole time.

We stayed 5 nights in the Lahaina… which I think was 1 day too long. I got restless at the end and wanted to see other parts of the island, since there is a lot to see!

IMG_5856 (1)


What Kyle thinks:

“Jumping off the black rock was a blast. And the dumplings at Monkeypod are a must. Oh, and zip-lining too!”

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