Newlyweds Do Carlsbad Flower Fields

After seeing a couple of my friends post the most amazing photos from these colorful flower fields in Carlsbad, I knew I had to go! I have an obsession with flowers, mainly Peonies and Ranunculus, so this was basically the perfect place for me to visit. I have to say though, convincing Kyle to drive 6 hours to see flowers wasn’t easy, but he finally caved.

IMG_1832Today is the perfect time to post (or maybe the worst time) because today is the last day the Carlsbad flower fields are open for the 2018 season. They are only open for like 10 weeks of the year in the months of March, April and May. This season, it was March 1st- May 13th and it cost $16 to get in. We went April 14th and the flowers were in full bloom.

These particular flower fields only have 1 type of flower, giant Ranunculus. They are in rows by color and are really an extraordinary site to see- even from afar. You can walk around the fields, but not stomp through them. There is a tractor you can ride around in, but we decided to pass on that and go at our own pace.

We bought some giant Ranunculus on the way out of the fields and it was such a neat experience to see all those flowers!





Now start planning your trip for next year!

Carlsbad Flower Fields


What Kyle thinks- “It actually was really cool. And I am glad they had ice cream”

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