Newlyweds Do Maui- Wailea

Wailea was the last spot on our honeymoon and it seemed like the more popular side of the island. It definitely has more large resorts and more modernized areas. There is a paved beach path near the beach to connect you between all the resorts that really is a nice walk.

I have to say though… doing Hana kind of ruined Wailea for me. I loved Hana and the natural beauty, so it was hard coming to Wailea and seeing beauty in the resorts and shopping centers. It was great… but I am kind of jaded… so I might not type like I am too hyped on this side- but it really was great!

IMG_1456WAILEA BEACH RESORT & SPA– This resort is beautiful, has great amenities, and great service. The vibe is modern, hip, and clean. Apparently, this resort was renovated in 2016 so no wonder it looks so updated. There are three different pools, one for kids, one for families, and one just for adults. The adult pool has an infinity edge and is such a relaxing place to be… even though we definitely did try the kids waterslides at the kid pool (which the one on the right is actually really fast!). There is not a beach directly in front of this resort, but it is a short walk down the beach path.

I do have beef with them though because they put us in a room below the restaurant and we could hear chairs moving around late at night and early in the morning, so we finally asked to get moved rooms and they did prevail by giving us one of the best rooms at the resort.

Cute Aloha light up words at the entrance of the resort
View from our room


Here are some ACTIVITIES

I have to mention, that by the time we got to Wailea, I was a little tired from all the other activities we had done throughout the trip, so we spent one of the days just relaxing at the resort pool and enjoying each others company. So, we really only did 1 real activity near this side of the island.

IMG_6045SAIL MAUI- MOLOKINI SNORKEL– We took a catamaran sail boat from the Maalaea Harbor to Molokini (about a 30 minute drive from Wailea). It was a great experience, where they serve food, drinks (on the way back), and snacks. On the way out, we saw dolphins right next to the boat and saw some whales breaching. It was such a neat experience, since I had never been on a sail boat before! We went out to Molokini, which is a crater island where no people inhabit, and the boats dock for you to snorkel around. I saw some really cool fish and it was fun just swimming around in the water. They provide you with all the snorkel gear and a floaty noodle if you would like. Down side– it took FOREVER to get there and back. I didn’t realize that it would take almost 4 hours. I think though that the wind was going against us on the way back, so it was much bumpier and longer than expected. Multiple people on the boat got sea sick, so just in case, take some non-drowsy Dramamine! Sail Maui

View of Molokini from the boat



IMG_1450.jpgMAMA’S FISH HOUSE– We stopped here on the way back from Hana, and we sat at the bar because there was a long wait. I really suggest getting reservations! The food was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere is a funky, island vibe. We had an appetizer that is similar to ceviche and then the stuffed fish. I wish we were more hungry so we could try so many things! I have to say though.. it is a bit pricey, but worth it! If you want to be adventurous and try different types of fish, this is the place to do it!



– This was my far my favorite restaurant during the whole trip in Maui! The restaurant is located at the Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapu (about a 30 minute drive from Wailea). The grounds around the restaurant are breathtaking (especially at sunset), but you really should get there during the sunlight so you can walk about and enjoy it! The food is farm driven and fresh, while the drinks are really works of art. I ordered about 5 appetizers since it all sounded so good, while Kyle got a whole meal. You really cannot go wrong with any of the food, so order up! The Mill House

View from the patio at The Mill House

MONKEYPOD KITCHEN– I wrote about this restaurant from the location is Lahaina as well. This is a hip, cool restaurant with awesome food and drinks and a short drive from most of the resorts on the beach. Though, this location doesn’t have the view that the Lahaina location does, the food is just as good! You have to drink the Mai Tai and eat the dumplings, pumpkin ravioli, and pork tacos. Monkeypod Kitchen

HUMBLE MARKET KITCHIN– This restaurant is located at the Wailea Beach Resort & Spa. The atmosphere was hip and trendy, the food was flavorful, and the sunset from the dining area and patio is so enjoyable.


Something I wish we had time for– Going to the top of Haleakala. Either go up at sunrise or sunset, but be aware you need to purchase a pass before hand to go up during sunrise. We decided not to go since it was windy, cloudy, and a little rainy most the days we were there. You can also take a bicycle down the volcano, which Kyle did the last time he was in Maui, so we decided to pass this time around.

This wraps up all my recommendations and stories on Hana. We cannot wait and go back and visit again. It was definitely a trip we will remember forever!


What Kyle thinks: “The waterslides at the kid pool at the resort were the best! The Mill House was a great meal”

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